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Hi y'all !
I just wanted to reach out to all my fellow equestrians, and give a little background for the reason I want to bring this club to life! I grew up where there was a local/regional club, and it's where families and horses came together, so for me, I feel like this is missing in our community!  I want to develop this club to help encourage all levels of riders, and horses, it's meant to support those learning, and help those training to become better horsemen/women. I want to fuel the same passion I grew up with as a kid, all the while keeping it cost-effective for families to enjoy and discover the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing.

Our mission is to develop a show series of four to five shows annually that are within a two-hour driving range of our home base here in Dalkeith, to include other barns in hosting shows, and to encourage all levels of riders to discover our sport.

I want to take advantage of working with both clubs, Ontario Extreme Cowboy(OXC) and Association des Cowboys Extreme du Quebec(ACEQ) and be able to offer members in good standings within their respective clubs the opportunity to collect their points. In working together with these clubs, we can offer you first the chance to work towards EXCA points, for worlds!! If that isn’t you’re goal as a more regional level rider, we are also able to offer you points per race for a small fee to your respective club. I think having our geographical location right on the border can offer this to help all associations have more opportunities for members and participants of the races.

I hope to see many of you out riding this summer and sharing some saddle time with us, and our horse community, thanks for you’re support and interest in extreme cowboy racing! You can reach out to us at any time with questions/suggestions/sponsorship, or just plain old good support for showing up!

Rosemarie Huxted

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